About Us

Aseptic Control Products, Inc. a wholesale distributor providing industry leading Metrex products such as surface disinfectants, hand hygiene, instrument reprocessing, liquid medical waste, face protection, and exam gloves. Protecting patients and staff since 1992.

Metrex manufactures products that prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI). For the past 15 years, Metrex products have been disinfecting and sanitizing hostpitals, medical practices, EMS units, long-term care facilities, surgery centers and schools. Metrex offers a complete line of high quality instrument reprocessing products, high-level disinfectants / sterilants, surface disinfectants, liquid medical waste disposal products, hand hygiene products and eye / face shields.

Metrex products are top of the line, blended with high quality ingredients. Our proprietary blends are created by some of the most innovative chemists and have stood the test of time. Metrex products meet CDC, OSHA, EPA, and FDA regulations. From the lab to the operating room, sterile processing department to all patient care areas, you can count on Metrex and Aseptic Control Products, Inc. to protect your staff and patients. Call today for product information or to place an order!