Waterless Hand Sanitizers & Towlettes

Waterless Hand Sanitizers & Towlettes

No-Rinse Spray
An alcohol-based hand sanitizer for protection against bacteria when hands are not visibly soiled or contaminated

– Meets CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings
– Kills germs and cleans skin without running water
– Contains 65.87% ethanol, killing germs immediately
– Contains 0.10% benzalkonium cloride, providing long-lasting protection against bacteria that can cause disease
– Emollients help prevent dry, irritated skin and leave hands feeling soft
– No water or towels needed, eliminating cross contanmination
– Fast drying for quicker donning of gloves

10-1802 VioNexus No-Rinse Spray – 2 fluid ounce 48 bottles / case
10-1800 VioNexus No-Rinse Spray – 1 liter 6 bottles / case

No-Rinse Gel

A waterless gel for hand cleaning when soap and water are not available
– Kills germs and cleans skin without running water
– Nonflammable and nonirritating
– Contains gentle skin conditioners that leave hands soft
– Active ingredient: chloroxylenol (PCMX)

10-1627 VopNex No-Rinse Gel – 4 fluid ounce flip top 24 bottles / case
10-1628 VioNex No-Rinse Gel – 18 fluid ounce w/pump 12 bottles / case
10-1398 Wall Mount Bracket for 18 fluid ounce bottle 12 / case

Individual towelettes for easy hand cleaning when soap and water are not available.

– Kills germs and cleans skin
– Contains skin conditioners to leave hands soft
– Indiviually packaged for convenience
– Nonflammable and nonirritating
– Sturdy, textured towelette
– Active ingredient: choroxylenol (PCMX)

10-1510 VioNex Towelettes – 50/box 10 boxes / case